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Our Customers Love Us.

“Algorithm described by Euddia could provide significant value in the following software release.”CTO of a startup company

We got this.

We are team players.

We can either validate your ideas independently or work with your in house team to build something extraordinary. We document everything in details and even answer your questions after the project finishes. We are here to help, not to create headaches.

Experience has value.

It’s difficult to make the right decision without the right context, even with data. That’s why sometimes you need an expert. We are PhDs trained in biology, economics, geography and more. Honed our technical chops in academia and the industry, we are comfortable deploying software to a cloud platform as well as deep dives into the academic literature.

The language we speak.

R, Python, Matlab, JavaScript, html, CSS, PHP. English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese. Supervised/unsupervised machine learning, statistical analysis, experimental design, A/B testing. Time series data, geospatial data, biological data, e-commerce data, agricultural data. AWS, Google Cloud

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