P2P Weather Insurance

Adverse weather affects our everyday lives, as well as the bottom lines of our businesses. Recent innovations have made it possible to insure against adverse weather for almost any type of event, known as weather index insurance. We want to open up the weather index insurance market by allowing individual investors to participate. Thus, the buyers of insurance and the people underwriting that insurance will be connected in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network, which will lower costs for the buyers of insurance and provide a meaningful investment opportunity for our peer investors.


What is Euddia?

Our name, Euddia (/u:'diya/), is derived from the Greek word 'eudia', which means “fair weather.” We aim to protect you from the worst that weather has to offer, so that each day seems like fair weather.


What We do

  • Analytics

  • Risk Pooling

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Insurance


Who We Are

Leslie Verteramo Chiu
Ph.D., Cornell University

Michael Norton
Ph.D., UC Davis

Xiaohua Yang
Ph.D., Cornell University